New Year, New You! For Real This Time Though!

The New Year brings many changes and in many different forms. Every year, we all make resolutions to change something. Start doing something. Stop doing something. I started thinking about what changes I wanted to bring about in the New Year back in November. And as with many others, the most important ones involve my health. Start exercising more, eating healthier, meditating, getting on scheduled routines… etc. There are always somany things that we can change to improve our health, relationships, and daily lives, but so many times we put them off and then say we are going to change ALL of them at the beginning of a new year…

So this year, I am doing something different (not trying, do or do not!!). I am going to set ONE goal for myself, and start making it a priority to allow it to become a habit. Then, once it is part of my daily routine, I am going to start on another. I am not going to give it a timeline, at least at first, but might start setting timelines as I know more about how this will progress. I want to adhere to them though, so to keep me honest and accountable, I am going to Blog about whatever I am working on. I am doing this for many reasons, but most importantly to keep me accountable. What better way for a Millennial to do something than to incorporate the internet!?

Joking aside, I really feel that this will be a great way to track my progress, ask for advise, celebrate my success, learn from my failures, and stick with it! So without further ado, my first goal is eating healthier! I am choosing to do this through a combination of Keto and plant-based lifestyle (not a diet people, diets are fads and will not give you success!!) coupled with intermittent fasting. Now this is not for everyone and I would recommend anyone to seek professional advise from a nutritionist for what is the best for their particular needs. I will post daily Blogs on how I am feeling, what I am eating, and most importantly, my progress! Stay tuned to see how its going, and if you have any changes you would like to do with me post them in the comments section and we can all move toward a healthier tomorrow, together!!

– In Love and Health,

Dr. Nick Grady

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